– The Jackpot of Finding Hook Ups?

Online DatingEveryone wants to “hook up” with someone these days. It’s human nature.  Hooking up with someone is a fun way to hang out and experience sexual pleasures, and when done the right way, both parties can be extremely pleased at the romance that takes place.

I found one site that had a “raunchy” approach towards it, and it really caught my eye.  It’s done by a person who likes to stay incognito, but lets just site his adult dating website is the one that really gets people going.

So, this site, in specific, takes a long, hard look at the owners REAL experience with all of these online dating sites.  He exposes scams, praises the sites that work, and even gives his every gory detail about how he goes about his business and hooks up with the women he meets online.  He has done it all, from using sites like Meet Locals (read the meetlocals review here), where local people can hook up by zip code and find a match for whatever type of encounter they are looking for.

When I say “he’s done it all,” I’m really meaning that.  I mean, the guy has hooked up with women paid to be there, he’s also been on black dating websites, and he’s even gone after the cougars!   He’s even used the “straight to the point” approach and used!  Crazy, right?

You have to take my word on this and just meander over to his website and check out all the hilarious, gory details for yourself.  It’s really crazy all the stories he tells, he even talks about the best ways to get laid in bars and how to go out with a game plan to make meeting women very easy.

He updates the site quite often so there is always fresh content and stuff to read.  The level of comedy that’s on that site is off the charts!

How To Make Your Relationship Last


Wondering how to make your relationship last? Want to keep your relationship? Then make a move and learn some things that will strengthen your relationship. Here are some things that you should know, to help you get a long and lasting relationship.

Show that you love him or her and spend some time – you can always treat her out if you want to, as long as you give time for him or her. The place, food and time is not important as long as the both of you are spending time together.

When arguments come, settle it peacefully – the best thing to settle an argument is to talk it politely and peacefully. There will never be a problem that cant be solve, when two persons know how to lower down their pride and learn how to settle. There are many circumstances or hindrance to break a relationship, but it will never happen when you know how to settle peacefully.

Private conversations, should be private – keep private conversation as your secret. Never let your partner be in shame just because she told you last night about an incident.

imageChanging of feelings is natural from time to time, never let the change ruin the both of you – the secret to a long lasting relationship is how you handle the situation. Feelings changes as time goes by, but don’t let that ruin your relationship because if you really want to keep the relationship then, you will get it by loving him or her unconditionally.

Never ruin the trust that he or she gave you – trust is only given once in a relationship and once its broken, you can never gain it back again so make sure you never break his or her trust by being honest and avoid mistakes or temptations. If you are not ready for a long-term relationship, then do what you want to do.

Support him or her no matter what – supporting your partner in whatever problem that he or she will encounter, is the best way to build your relationship. Just like in a saying “for better and for worst” this simply means you really care about how he or she feels. Not just that, it also means that you are there at any point of his or her life.

Before you decide in anything, remember your partner’s feelings – it is important to consider the facts, pro’s and con’s that would possible affect your partner’s feelings before you decide in life. This is very important if you don’t want any arguments or break the relationship that you have today.

Take some time to contact him or her, even if you are busy – whatever time of the day or no matter how busy your day is, make sure that you spend some time to call him or her in the middle of the day and ask if he or she is okay. This will make him or her feel that you think about your partner and you care for him or her.

Be honest to each other, no doubt that he or she will forgive you – yes, everyone deserves a second and third chances but it is important that you don’t do the same mistake every again or else, this will ruin your relationship and there would be trust issues. If this happens, then make sure that you make it up to her and show her that you will get back the trust she gave.

These tips will help you get what you want for a long-term relationship, just learn how to apply these following list and without a doubt, you will grow old with your partner.

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